Everything sucks is a Netflix comedy-drama series. This drama series was created by Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan. The story of this drama is based on the story of the 1990s. It tells the story of Kate Messner, who was a loner and studied in Boring High School. In this school, they made a movie relating to dating issues. Drama series show that two decades ago, how difficult it is to be LGBTQ also teen. In February 2018 this series was released on Netflix, its first season consisted of 10 episodes. Now fans are waiting heartedly for Everything sucks season 2.

Will Everything Sucks season 2 release? here you will get all the information about season 2.

Is Everything Sucks Season 2 canceled?

Just after the release of season 1 of this drama series, Netflix mentioned that Everything sucks season 2 has been canceled. This news breaks the hearts of their fans and now fans want to know that What is the cause? Why did Netflix cancel the show? etc.

One of the main reasons for the cancellation of season 2 is that Netflix did not receive great reviews from audiences. A lot of people do not watch the series after watching the first episode, it consists of 23 minutes. But a great number of people want to watch season 2, but the creator was disappointed and considered this is not a successful show and decided to end it.

Everything Sucks Cast

It is expected that all lead characters of season 1 will be back in Everything season 2. Here we will see Peyton Kennedy as Kate Messner, Jahi Winston as Luke O’ Neil, Claudine as Sherry O’ Neil (Luke’s mother), and Elijah Stevenson as Oliver Schermerhorn. A list of major Characters is given below :

Actor NameCharacter NameCarrier
Jahi Di’Allo WinstonLuke O’Neil10 episodes, 2018
Peyton KennedyKate Messner10 episodes, 2018
Patch DarraghKen Messner10 episodes, 2018
Claudine Mboligikpelani NakoSherry O’Neil10 episodes, 2018
Quinn LieblingTyler10 episodes, 2018
Elijah StevensonOliver10 episodes, 2018
Rio ManginiMcQuaid10 episodes, 2018
Sydney SweeneyEmaline10 episodes, 2018
Abi BrittleLeslie8 episodes, 2018
Nicole McCulloughJessica Betts7 episodes, 2018
Zachary Ray ShermanLeroy O’Neil6 episodes, 2018
Connor MuhlScott Pocket6 episodes, 2018
Jalon HowardCedric6 episodes, 2018
Ben York JonesMr. Stargrove6 episodes, 2018
Katie O’GradyPark Ranger3 episodes 2018


Everything sucks season 2 is set in 1996 on a group of young people (Teenagers). The drama consists of two groups who study in High School. There is a newbie Luke O’Neil having two friendly friends, McQuaid and Tyler. After their school, they joined the A/V club.

Luke has a crush on the school Principal’s daughter, Kate Messner, who was a part of the A/V club. This news was spread all over the school that Kate had difficulty with her gender. Due to these rumors, she decides to start dating Luke. This is just because of her acceptance.

Everything sucks season 2
Everything sucks season 2: Netflix

The accidental death of the set, accidentally caused by Kate caused the play to be canceled. Later Luke and his friends suggest het the A/V club and they make a movie together which they screened on the whole high school. A year ago, Luke’s father made VHS tapes before leaving him and his mother. He discovers these cassettes in the attic of his mother’s house.

At the same time, Kate’s father Ken Messner, the principal of Boring, grows closer to Luke’s mother Sherry, while Tyler struggles with his rumors about girls, and McQuaid realizes he has a crush on Emeline but is rejected.

Everything Sucks Season 2 Release Date

Fans are waiting excitedly for Everything sucks season 2. By the way, there is no official news about the season 2 release date. The producer mentioned that they will make season 2 after the great response of the first season.

Fans are eagerly waiting for their second season and one of the fans said that he will be heartbroken if they do not release season 2 of everything sucks. Fans are emotionally attached to this drama series and they want to know what happened next.

Everything Sucks Season 2 Trailer

Everything Sucks Season 2 trailer will be released a few weeks before its releasing date. But till now this information has been received that Everything sucks season 2 canceled, here in this video you will get point why Everything sucks season 2 canceled.

I hope this information is helpful. That’s all about Everything Suck’s Season 2.

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