Ingobernable season 3

Thrilling experiences with a political twist make a series most successful among the public. Ingobernable is also a political thriller drama that enjoys just not viewers but also judges and appreciated team. Also, this drama series is made in Mexico and they release 2 seasons back to back, and now the audience is waiting for Ingobernable season 3.

The public is heartily waiting for their next season and they are not ready to get any news that hurt them badly. So, they want to know Will there be Ingobernable season 3? Here you will get all information about Ingbernable season 3.

Ingobernable Season 3 Release Date

Before 4 years ago, Netflix release Ingobernable season 1 which was consist of 15 episodes. This season receives a great response from the audience. On the basis of this response, they immediately release Ingobernable next season 2. Ingobernable season 2 was premiered on Netflix on the 14th of September 2018. But this time it was consist of just 12 episodes.

Now it has been almost 3 years, but there is no news about Ingobernable season 3, but don’t worry. People are worried about it. The gap between their previous seasons was not more than 1 year, but this time it has more than 3 years. It decreasing the hope of Ingobernability season 3.

But the reality is that Netflix makes sure to release their season 3 on the basis of rating. But this Mexican series received just a 7.1 IMDb rating out of 10. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a score of 88%. So we can’t say anything relating to their next season. Also, Netflix has not canceled this series officially. It looks like if they release it, then the expected date is 2022.


Emilia Urquiza, played by Castillo, plays the lead role. Her husband is the President of Mexico, so she is the First Lady. Erik Hayser plays Diego Nava Martinez, the President of Mexico. Beside these main characters, Alberto Guerra as Canek Lagos, Erendira Ibarra as Ana Vargas-West, and Luis Roberto Guzmán as CIA agent Pete Vázquez round out the cast. Further, Álvaro Guerrero is in the series as Secretary of the Interior José Barquet, while Ingobernable is starring Luis Ernesto Franco as Santiago Salazar. List of All Ingobernable Drama series cast is given below :

Actor NameChracter Name
Kate del Castilloas Emilia Urquiza
Leah Allersas English Urquiza
Eréndira Ibarraas Ana Vargas-West
Alberto Guerraas Canek Lagos
Álvaro Guerreroas José Barquet
Alicia Jazizas María Nava Urquiza
Maxi Iglesiasas Ovni
Pati Laurenas Chela Lagos
Aida Lópezas Chela Lagos
Tamara Mazarrasaas Zyan Torres
Alessio Valentinias Emiliano Nava Urquiza
María del Carmen Fariasas Dolores Lagos
Erik Hayseras President Diego Nava
Marco Treviñoas General Agustín Aguirre

Ingobernable Season 3 Plot

The political drama Ingobernable has a thrilling, interesting, and forceful story that keeps viewers connected till the last minute. Many surprising twists, mysteries, and thrilling seen all these things will be seen in their upcoming season.

This drama series is revolving around the story of a Mexican first Lady, Emilia Urquiza. She was married to Diego Nava Martinez, the president of Mexico. They swear to help each other at the time of difficulty. But after marriage, due to some misunderstanding, they face a lot of complexities in their relationship. This thing makes a divorce between them.

The script of the film changes when the president shows up his anger on divorce papers. And that night he was found dead as he had a bullet in his head. Someone who actually killed Diego start believing people that Emilia killed the president. But Emilia was unaware of all this incident. When she heard this news, he runs away from the place and cops are trying their best to find her. Everything was going against her, she is trying to find the real criminal to prove herself innocent in this case. Now in Ignobernable season 3, it is expected that the story will continue.

Ingobernable season 3
Emilia Arrested scene

Ingobernable Season 3 Trailer

Ingobernable Season 3 Official trailer on Netflix will be released before few days before its release date. But till now Netflix release this trailer on their official youtube channel.

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