LINDA Carter goes into labor as Jack Branning forces her to admit the truth next week in EastEnders.

Jack Branning demands to know if Max is the father of Linda’s baby: EastEnders BBC

Linda and Mick are hiding the fact that Max Branning, with whom she had a brief fling last year, is actually the father of their baby. Max, whose granddaughter Abi recently vanished from Walford with her grandpa, has agreed to keep his wife secret about the fact that he is expecting a second child. Jack demands to know whether Max is the father of Linda’s baby in the next week’s episodes of EastEnders.

Is Linda going to confess everything?

In the BBC One soap opera Stuart and Rainie are at odds this week over Abi’s disappearance. The next day, Violet remarks that Linda seems big for what stage of the pregnancy she is at and Rainie becomes suspicious. Later, she pops round to see Linda and, noticing her bag, starts digging inside it while Linda is turned away.

What will she find in the bag ?

It is hinted, by soap’s producer Jon Sen, that in upcoming scenes Rainie might be a problem for Linda. Speaking with Igitalspy, Jon Sen said that, there is no doubt that Linda is pregnant with Max’s baby. And they are hopeless to bury that from the Square.

He also add that, “Rainie is curios on finding the truth, and will the Carters be able to convince everyone that Mick’s the father in time, or will Rainie get to the truth?”

EastEnders Reality

The Producers of EastEnders decided that EastEnders would revolve about “everyday life” in the inner city of today and ought to be regarded as “slice of life”. The drama producer Julia Smith clear “We don’t make life, we reflect it”. She also said that, ” We decided to go for a realistic, fairly outspoken type of drama which could encompass stories about homosexuality, rape, unemployment, racial prejudice, etc., in a believable context. Above all, we wanted realism”. Its 1980s stories featured “grittier” themes such as drugs and crime, reflecting the challenges facing working-class Britain. The storylines included the sudden death of a 14 month child Hassam Osman, Nick Cotton’s homophobia, racism and murder of Reg Cox . Other topics covered by this drama serial included prostitution, inter-racial relationships, shoplifting, sexism, divorce, domestic violence, and mugging.

About EastEnders

EastEnders is a British soap opera which was created by Tony Holland and Julia Smith at the end of 20th century. In 1985 it is broadcast once on BBC, in United Kingdom. This drama series is set in Albert square, in the east end of London. The producer storyline the lives of domestic and professional people who live and work in the fictional borough of Walford, in the East End of London.

At start this series was consist of two episodes, per week, each of them consist of 30 minutes. Later they start releasing three episodes per week. But since 2001 they started broadcast episodes 6 days in a week (except Wednesday). During Covid-19 in 2020 they suspend the production of EastEnders for 2-3 months. During this period they broadcast two episodes of 30 minutes per week.

EastEnders Wining Awards List

EastEnders is one of the UK’s highest-rated programmes, at the start of its eight months this programmes was take the 1st position in the rating. From September 2019 to till now, EastEnders won more than 10 BAFTA awards. They also won the inside Soap Award for best soap for more than 14 years. They also won more than 10 National TV awards for the most UK’s popular serial drama. And 11 award from The British Soap Awards as Bet British Soap.

It has also won Best Soap award from TV Quick and TV Choice Awards. 6 TRIC Awards for Soap of The Year. For best continuing Drama they won four Royal Television Society Awards.

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