The Good Cop is a comedy_murder-Mystery drama Series of America created by Andy Breckman. It is the best Police procedural detective drama on Netflix. Many people like it because of its enjoyable storyline and likable characters.

The Good Cop Season 2 Release Date

The First Season of The Good Cop was released on Netflix on 21 September 2018. It consisted of 10 episodes. But it became very famous after releasing within a few days. It receives many positive responses from the audience along with some negative reviews.

After ending its first season, audiences are waiting for its second season with a great crust and want to Know the Good cop second season release date. According to some sites, Netflix Canceled its second season because it did not complete Its figure. But according to some sites, it has a huge chance to be released in September of 2022.

The Good Cops Season 2 Release Date
The Good Cops Season 2 Release Date

The Good Cop Season 2 cast

Some additional characters probably join the second season of the TV Series. Tony Danza will return as Tony Sr. and Josh Groban (Tony Jr.). Along with Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (Burl Loomis) and Monica Barbaro as Cara Vasquez.

Actor NameCharacterCareer
Tony DanzaTony Caruso Sr.10 episodes, 2018
Josh GrobanTony Caruso Jr.10 episodes, 2018
Monica BarbaroCora Vasquez10 episodes, 2018
Isiah Whitlock Jr.Burl Loomis10 episodes, 2018
Bill KottkampRyan10 episodes, 2018
Brooke CarrellDetective7 episodes, 2018
John ScurtiWendell Kirk5 episodes, 2018
Victor CruzSergeant Rudner4 episodes, 2018
Matthew SaldivarGordy4 episodes, 2018

The Good Cop Trailer

As usual, Netflix always releases the official trailer of any drama series before a month of its release date. The same is the case with this drama series, they will release The Good Cops season 2 trailer before a month of its release date.

The Good Cop Plot

The Good Cop is an American Comedy Murder mystery drama series. its Story follows around a man  Tony Caruso Sr. Who served his 7seven year in corruption conviction and wants to help His son Tj Caruso Jr, who is a detective police officer to solve a women’s murder case.

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He claimed that although he is retired but has good knowledge about criminals. But police probably refused to involve him but Tony Curso Sr still starts to struggle to prove he still has the skill to fight against crime.

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